Varieties of Beer Found All Over the World

James Watt BrewDog

January 15, 2023

There are many different types of beer available throughout the world. Some of the most popular types of beer can be found in the US, Canada, and Australia. However, the world has a lot more to offer than beer. There are pale ales, stouts, and American lagers.

Pale ales

Although pale ales are often hoppy, they have a lower alcohol content than IPAs. The majority of pale ales are malty and medium-bodied. They are also easy to drink and pair well with a variety of activities. They are great companions for a Tuesday night dinner, a ballgame, a fireworks show, or just hanging out at home. There is no wrong time to enjoy one.

Although the style has lost its reign in some areas, it still remains a popular choice in the United States. Popular American pale ales include Half Acre Daisy Cutter, Three Floyds Zombie Dust, Brickstone APA, and the GABF-winning Maplewood Charlatan. While winning medals is important, it’s not necessary to have a lengthy history of selling a good pale ale.


Stouts are a type of beer that has a deep, dark color—sometimes near black—and a bitter, roasty flavor. They differ in alcohol content, mouthfeel, and flavor depending on their brewing process and the ingredients they contain. Stouts were originally brewed as English porters and have evolved into a wide variety of craft variations.

An American stout is a distinct variation of the European style and features a generous amount of American hops. It is a delicious beer that can be enjoyed year-round, although it is typically thought of as a winter beer. It pairs well with spicy foods, strong cheeses, and a variety of desserts.

American lagers

American lagers are famous for their light flavors. They are made with corn and barley malt, and they are widely popular around the world. It were first introduced in the United States by German immigrants during the eighteenth century. They were then refined and adapted to the American brewing process. This resulted in a beer with a light body, low alcohol content, and little bitterness. Pilsners are the most popular style of American lager.

Despite the Prohibition era, American beers have managed to gain popularity across the globe. They can now be seen at concerts and professional sporting events. There are also breweries that are trying to replicate recipes from the pre-Prohibition era. The most popular examples include Miller Batch 19 and Brooklyn Pilsner.


Porters are dark, roasted beers that are usually not too sweet. Their color is usually dark brown or black. They are also full-bodied and often have adjuncts added to improve the taste. Porters began as stouts and evolved to become more intense and complex. Early versions of the style included black malt, but this was later switched out for brown malt.

Porters first came to prominence during the Industrial Revolution in England in the late 17th century. Porters quickly became popular as a drink for the working classes. As such, porters were very popular in pubs and local markets. They also require a long aging process. Porters were first produced by freestanding breweries, but their popularity soon spread to larger breweries. The industrial revolution also brought about new ways to save money and new taxes, both of which made brewers money.

Canadian beer Molson

Molson Canadian is a popular beer that is produced in Canada. It is made from Canadian water and prairie barley and has no added preservatives. This beer is a popular beer that is produced in Canada. It is made from Canadian water and prairie barley and has no added preservatives. This beer is easy to drink and has most of the proper flavors. It is not too strong or overly sweet and is best enjoyed during the warm summer months.

The beer is produced by different breweries, including Molson. The largest one is Moosehead, while the smallest one is Sleeman, owned by Japan’s Sapporo Brewery. Canada’s beer industry is dominated by foreign-based corporations.