The Most Lucrative Types of Beer to Sell

James Watt BrewDog

August 19, 2022


While selling beer may seem daunting, it isn’t as difficult as you think. The most profitable types of beer are our wheat, light lager, Belgian-style ales, and snow beer. There are countless reasons to sell these beers. Here are a few examples. Despite being seasonal, these types of beer are still popular year-round. Moreover, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the U.S., with 63 percent of adults drinking alcohol in some form.

Light lagers

As a rule, light lagers are made with less than five percent alcohol, which makes them the most profitable beer type to sell. An excellent pale lager has a flavor that is refreshing and smooth to drink. Some varieties even have a great flavor profile, resembling full-strength beers. In addition, light lagers can have a mild or strong smell, depending on how they’re brewed. The scent often makes the drink more appealing to drinkers and can make them more popular.

In the United States, light lagers are popular in pubs and restaurants. Coors Light is the classic American pale lager. It was created as a balance of refreshing and clean flavor. It is predicted that Coors Light will account for seven percent of restaurant sales volume and unit volume in 2020. Another famous light lager is Miller Lite. Miller Lite was developed in response to the popularity of imported beer. Miller Lite is a light beer with a mild taste.

Wheat beers

While wheat beers are not traditionally hoppy, they have big flavors, including banana, citrus, and tropical fruit. Wheat beers are usually light in color, with a nice head on the glass when poured. They vary in alcohol content, but the average range is around 2.5% to 5%. This is a good range for a beer that is easy to drink and inexpensive to produce.

A new craze for wheat beer is sweeping the United States. The craft brewing movement has made wheat a staple in beer bars. Craft brewers have been using wheat to introduce a whole generation to craft beer. Beers like Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat ale are big sellers, luring drinkers away from mass-market lagers. Other producers, such as Three Floyd, have brought the wheat beer experience to seasoned drinkers.

Belgian style ales

An excellent Belgian ale is a dark brown, fruity ale with a foamy head, sparkling carbonation, and an overall flavor of banana and cloves. Some Belgian-style ales are light, and some are full-bodied and complex. Some are even paired with food. The most famous Belgian-style beer, Chimay, is available in four different varieties. Augustijn Dark, for instance, is a delicious, complex abbey ale that has an ABV of between 7.5 and 9 percent. Another famous Belgian ale is Floreffe Prima Melior, a dark abbey ale that is 8 percent in ABV.

Trappist ales are some of the most famous and profitable styles of beer. They are often mistaken for farmhouse ales but are very different. A monastery makes these beers outside of Antwerp. They balance malty, biscuity flavors with citrusy notes and soft maltiness. They’re easygoing and pair well with food or are great on their own.

Snow beer

One of the most popular types of beer to sell is Snow Beer. It has a snow-like appearance and is filled with foam, hence its name. The liquid is a pale yellow color and has a malt aroma. The alcohol content ranges between 2.5 and 4.5%. It is a cheap beverage with only 120 calories per can. Unlike most beers, Snow Beer is available in various shapes and sizes, including draft, can, and bottle.

Although snow beer is sold exclusively in China, it is still relatively new to other countries. Though the beer is available in many parts of China, it is mainly popular in northern and northeastern provinces. However, it is available everywhere in mainland China and is considered one of the most profitable beer types. Snow Beer has a comparatively low alcohol content, ranging from 2.5% to 4.5%.