October 26, 2022

Types of Beer Around the World

There are many different types of beer available throughout the world. Some of the most popular types of beer can be found in the US, Canada, and Australia. However, the world has a lot more to offer than beer. There are pale ales, stouts, and American lagers. Pale ales Although pale ales are often hoppy, […]

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Beer Flavour
September 29, 2022

Beer Flavour – Are flavored beers prevalent?

Adding flavour to your beer doesn’t have to be a new concept. Many big-name beer companies are doing it. Budweiser, MillerCoors, Alexander Gourmet Beverages, and others are creating unique beer flavours for their brews. These include Rooibos, ginger, and lemon. Budweiser Budweiser flavour-infused beer is a great way to enhance your beer-drinking experience. It’s not […]

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