Beer Flavour – Are flavored beers prevalent?

James Watt BrewDog

September 29, 2022

Beer Flavour

Adding flavour to your beer doesn’t have to be a new concept. Many big-name beer companies are doing it. Budweiser, MillerCoors, Alexander Gourmet Beverages, and others are creating unique beer flavours for their brews. These include Rooibos, ginger, and lemon.


Budweiser flavour-infused beer is a great way to enhance your beer-drinking experience. It’s not overly sweet and pairs well with most foods. This lager is also crisp and has low bitterness. You can serve it cold to highlight its crisp effervescence. It comes in bottles and cans and is an excellent all-around casual beer to enjoy after a long day at work. It also pairs well with pizza, fried chicken, and other foods that tend to be salty.

Budweiser is an American pale lager that was first brewed in 1876. The brand is known for its crisp, fruity taste. Its flavour profile combines low malt and bitterness with a sweet rice flavour. Its low alcohol content makes it easy to drink and enjoy.

Miller Coors

MillerCoors has a new strategy for winning back young drinkers with flavour-infused beers. It wants to attract millennials, a market segment that is turning away from traditional beer brands in favour of wine and spirits. The new beer will be 4.2% ABV, with flavours like pineapple and lime. It will cost about $5 a six-pack.

The company is also increasing its marketing budget to drive the brand’s popularity. The company promotes the new flavoured brews for the summer with billboards, television, and digital ads. The new beer will help the brand strengthen its long-standing brand name.

Alexander Gourmet Beverages

Beer has always been available in a variety of flavours and types. However, the number of flavoured beers has grown dramatically in recent years. Flavoured varieties range from the obvious to the strange. Bourbon-flavoured beer is just one example of a recent development. There are many more types to come.

Flavours are a vital part of the brewing process, and more brewers are trying out more flavours to create more balanced and complex beverages. In addition to traditional flavours, brewing companies add various spices and herbs to their beers.


A flavour-infused beverage can brew in several ways. The most common is to add the plant material to boiling water and stir it for five seconds. This method is commonly used to create a cup of rooibos tea. Another method is to steep the plant material in a glass jar for five minutes at room temperature. The resulting infusion is strained through a fine mesh strainer.

The Rooibos plant has a robust earthy flavour that resembles pipe tobacco. While some drinkers find this taste unpleasant, many brewers are not concerned about the taste and only with the plant’s use.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate is a herb that originated in South America. The indigenous Guarani people consumed it as far back as the pre-Columbian era. They aggressively cultivated the Ilex paraguariensis plant, a member of the holly family, and made it one of Paraguay’s main exports. However, it is also grown in Brazil and other South American countries.

Yerba mate is a herb used in many South American cuisines. It’s also commonly used in alcoholic beverages. Many South Americans prepare a thermos of the beverage and drink it throughout the day.


Chamomile is a popular herb for infusing beer with a pleasant, relaxing aroma. It is also a common addition to teas. Dry chamomile flowers can be a cheap and effective way to add this flavour. This herb pairs well with various flavoured beers, including American IPAs, pale ales, and Hefeweizen. Mint is another popular herb that can add to a beer.

Creating a tea infusion is a simple process that yields various flavour combinations. With its herbal and floral attributes, tea is a popular infusion that complements wide hop varieties. Different types of tea have different flavours, including floral, citrus, fruity, woody, and robust.


If you’ve ever been to a brewery, you’ve probably noticed an increasing range of CBD flavour-infused beers on the market. These beer products incorporate CBD derived from hemp into the beer ingredients. The hemp extract is also available as hemp powder, which can be added to any drink or food.

One CBD flavour-infused beer is called Legend Has It and is made by Coalition Brewing Company. It’s a west coast IPA brewed with CBD, sourced from hemp plants. The beer features a bitter grassiness and a citrus terpene aroma. Its users describe the beer as elevating and calming.