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James Watt is an Aberdeenshire entrepreneur who co-founded one of the world’s most popular craft breweries, BrewDog.

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James Watt is an Aberdeenshire entrepreneur who co-founded one of the world’s most popular craft breweries, BrewDog.Before embarking on a hop-fuelled journey that would change the face of the beer industryforever, James completed an honours degree in Law and Economics. It didn’t take long forhim to discover that the corporate suit-and-tie world of litigation and libel was not for him,so he packed in his career in a law after a few weeks, opting to return to the bitter cold shores of Northeast Scotland to join his father as a fully-qualified Deepsea Captain.

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Beer Flavour
September 29, 2022

Beer Flavour – Are flavored beers prevalent?

Adding flavour to your beer doesn’t have to be a new concept. Many big-name beer companies are doing it. Budweiser, MillerCoors, Alexander Gourmet Beverages, and others are creating unique beer flavours for their brews. These include Rooibos, ginger, and lemon. Budweiser Budweiser flavour-infused beer is a great way to enhance your beer-drinking experience. It’s not […]

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September 20, 2022

How to Make Money Brewing Beer

Starting a home brewery can be a great way to earn side money. You can also make money by selling your beer online or through a microbrewery. Homebrewers can also sell their beer on Airbnb and on their own website. Here are some tips to help you start a beer business. Homebrewers can earn side […]

Beer Brewery
September 12, 2022

Starting a Brewery: A Guide to the Beer Industry

If you have been thinking about opening a brewery, several essential steps must be followed to ensure your success. Homebrewing is a popular hobby, and there are now over 8,000 breweries nationwide. However, brewing your beer is not an easy task. You must consider certain things, including obtaining the necessary licenses and bonds. Starting a […]

September 1, 2022

How to Start a Beer Brewery Business

To start a beer brewery business, you must develop a business plan. This document should include a financial forecast, marketing strategy, pricing and product costs. It should also provide an estimated profit margin. Lastly, the plan should outline a financing plan and revenue and expense estimates for the first five years. Financing options Financing a […]

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